Lucid Fitzpatrick is an independent writer and bestselling author. Fans of romanticists, such as Victor Hugo, will immediately recognize and appreciate Lucid Fitzpatrick’s style, prose, and characters. Romantic Realism finds a 21st century home in Fitzpatrick’s writing as his stories highlight the power of human will, and how personal values drive a character and a story.

“I love to read,” Fitzpatrick says. “And it is a pity that I have found far too few books that I loved reading. Those few books have enriched my life in a very profound way. I long for those moments when the author makes me want to stand up and shout, ‘YES!’ to not only the narrative and characters, but  to existence and to myself. That is why I choose to write romantic fiction. I see reading as an investment. What I require of my readers is their time and their thought. My goal is to pay back that investment with as many of those  ‘YES!’ moments as I am able to create.


“The Audience I am after seeks works of beauty. Because no matter how much beauty they experience, they remain forever starved for it.”

My ideal reader seeks affirmation of a prosperous existence and man’s noble place within the universe–regardless of circumstance. The underscore of my writing and my brand of romanticism is that affirmation.”

Books like The Fountainhead and Toilers of the Sea influenced how Fitzpatrick approaches his plot, characters, setting, and style. The mix of compelling plot, philosophical undertones and overtones, and themes of romanticism make Fitzpatrick’s writing unique among contemporary writers, and a much needed voice to an audience hungry for such writing. If you have just finished reading The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or, Toilers of the Sea, Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or Ninety-Three by Victor Hugo, reading the works of Lucid Fitzpatrick will feel like the next step in a natural progression.