Hymn for the Romanticist

Featuring “The GREATEST DEPICTION of MUSIC in All Literature.
Hymn for the Romanticist

Lucid Fitzpatrick’s literary love song to music.

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Hymn for The Romanticist is the first release from Lucid Fitzpatrick’s collection of short stories titled, Hymn. In this collection, Fitzpatrick explores how we experience music and the need for music in human life.

Set against the backdrop of the 2020 pandemic, five creators experience a beautiful work of music in dramatically different ways. Learn how a single piece of music can make a radio host face the consequence of his own compromise, help a struggling author deal with a  reality that seems incompatible with the ideals he portrays in the worlds he creates, and leave a ruthless business mogul at the peak of his career utterly defeated.

In Hymn for the Romanticist, the reader meets Deidrick Lourne, a romantic novelist trying to rationalize the idealistic characters in his stories amidst life in isolation and lockdown under the threat of the pandemic. Through Hymn for the Romanticist, Fitzpatrick explores how music can inspire a creator to action even in a world stuck in stasis.

d’Anima, a Novelette

d'Anima on Kindle
d'Anima by Lucid Fitzpatrick

Lucid Fitzpatrick’s Bestselling Debut Novelette

d’Anima is a novelette and serves as Part 1 of the serial novel, Perfect Conductor.  d’Anima introduces the reader to one of the protagonists of the series, Mayes d’Anima, and his wife, Helen. d’Anima, a creative genius whose personal mission is to solve the world’s energy crisis, finds himself on the brink of exhaustion. As the world’s biggest energy tycoon, d’Anima knows what powers a city. As the story unfolds, he begins to discover what powers a man’s soul. 

d’Anima on Amazon Kindle.


Lucid Fitzpatrick follows the tradition set by the romanticists, Victor Hugo and Ayn Rand. Their work inspired Fitzpatrick to become a writer, and he drew inspiration from their writing. The novels, Toilers of the Sea (Victor Hugo) and The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand) are direct influences on the style, characters, and content of the Perfect Conductor series.

Fans of Ayn Rand and Victor Hugo will find Lucid Fitzpatrick’s writing both familiar and refreshing.

Toilers of the Sea by Victor Hugo
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

d’Anima represents the first step into the world of PERFECT CONDUCTOR.  

In a race against time, science, and a city that is about to collapse under its own magnificent growth, Mayes d’Anima struggles against every form of social and political resistance in his life-long mission to solve the world’s energy crisis. Desperate for help, d’Anima recruits Melody Casper, a young, brilliant engineer disenchanted by a world that never meets her expectations. As the pair work together to save d’Anima’s power plant, the city, and the world, they are met by the equally strong-willed David Lockee and Harold Wilcox. As value is pinned against value, the four discover what it means to have the strongest moral will and the consequences of their unwavering personal conviction.