Off The Grid, On My Blog

Knock, knock, Neo. The Matrix has you.

Last week, I signed out of all social media sites and deleted all social apps from my mobile devices. My reasons are simple and can be found in my last posts. See:

I left at the end of August and plan to return in December. I originally planned on returning after the US presidential election, but I am opting to remain logged out until after National Novel Writing Month (#nanowrimo).

After logging out, I started to take notes about my thoughts on being semi-off-line and documenting the urges and temptations to log in again. Along with these thoughts, I want to share some updates on my writing for those who care.

This is a one-way broadcast from my blog, which will be reposted on my social media. I will NOT be logging back in to look at my feeds, comments, likes, etc. I’m off the grid, staying within shouting distance but outside spitting distance.

More to come.

-Lucid Fitzpatrick

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